The Department of Environment and Sustainability (DES) is the air pollution control agency, regional Endangered Species Act compliance program, and sustainability office for all of Clark County, Nevada. Established as the Department of Air Quality by the Clark County Commission in 2001, it was renamed in 2020. DES is ensuring the air we share meets healthful, regulatory standards, administering the County's Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plan and addressing climate change through the All-In Clark County initiative.

How It Started

County Climate Coalition

In October 2019, the Clark County Commission signed onto the County Climate Coalition, affirming the County’s commitment to the United Nations Paris Climate Agreement to address the local impacts of climate change. The County’s Department of Environment and Sustainability (DES) was tapped to develop the region’s first-of-its-kind, all-encompassing sustainability and climate action plan.

Source: United Nations; Paris Climate Agreement

Our Big Break

In August 2020, DES launched All-In Clark County and achieved its first milestone in 2021, when the County Commission approved the All-In Sustainability and Climate Action Plan for County Operations. In developing a plan to make its internal operations more sustainable, Clark County led by example.

For the Community

Then in April 2023, the County Commission approved the All-In Community Sustainability and Climate Action Plan. DES recruited a team of stakeholders from across Southern Nevada’s business community, utilities, local governments, community organizations and concerned individuals. More than 157 organizations participated in 56 meetings and events. More than 6,000 public survey responses were gathered and reviewed to help determine the plan’s highest priorities.

From there, the All-In stakeholders updated and released the Regional Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory (December 2021),
followed by the Climate Vulnerability Assessment (September 2022).
These two documents serve as the foundational documents of the All-In Clark County Community Sustainability and Climate Action Plan, adopted in April 2023.

the Future

Clark County’s Department of Environment and Sustainability continues to guide the All-in initiative with stakeholders and community leaders. Next steps in 2024 and beyond include implementation of the All-In plan initiatives.