Keep Clark County Clean

Keeping Clark County clean requires all of us pitching in. Whether it's recycling, picking up after pets or adopting some basic practices into everyday chores, you can help us Keep Clark County Clean! Check these tips below.

Remember - Only Rain in the Storm Drain!

Rain that falls onto streets, sidewalks, and parking lots becomes stormwater runoff. Trash and other types of pollutants can flow into the nearest storm drain, then to Lake Mead – our main source of drinking water. Help protect our water quality:

Check Your Car For Leaks

Keep your car maintained to avoid leaks of harmful fluids into our storm drains. Use a drip pan when changing your oil; clean up spills with absorbent materials like kitty litter and throw it away in a trash can.

Pick Up After Pets

Pet waste left on lawns or sidewalks contains bacteria that mixes with stormwater that is carried to Lake Mead.

Volunteer For A Community Cleanup

Visit Get Outdoors Nevada at for a calendar of upcoming activities.

Donate & Recycle

Donate salvageable items to a non-profit organization. Reuse cardboard boxes, plastic bags and paper sacks. Use cloth napkins instead of paper and washable containers instead of plastic wrap.

Dispose of Household Waste Properly

Dispose of oil, paint and other types of household hazardous waste at a Republic Services drop-off site: Buy batteries, anti-freeze and motor oil from stores that recycle these items

Contractor Cleanliness

Cover truck loads whenever you transport landscaping or construction materials. Place trash containers on work sites for workers to use

Put a Lid On it

Make sure your trash bins have securely-attached lids. One gust of wind can make a big mess.

Report Illegal Dumping

Make sure your trash bins have securely-attached lids. One gust of wind can make a big mess.

Don't Be a Pain in the Drain!

Never pour fat, oil, grease or grit down the sink, and don’t flush prescriptions or over-the-counter medications down the toilet or sink. Learn more from the Clark County Water Reclamation District:

Report Plugged Inlets

Report plugged inlets and storm drains on streets in unincorporated County areas to our Public Works Department at (702) 455-6000 or online through FixIt Clark County: Reports in other jurisdictions can be made to the Regional Flood Control District at or (702) 685-0000.

Don't Be a Litter Bug!

Picking up one piece of litter a day means 365 fewer pieces of trash on our streets, in our parks and schools thanks to you. Plant flowers and desert-friendly vegetation in your yard. People litter less in beautified neighborhoods.

It's Time to Go All-In On Fighting the Impacts of Climate Change

Go to Get Involved! to learn about our sustainability efforts and take action through surveys and sharing your story.